Contrasting Harmonies

The Barron Collection Ltd.’s tagline, “Contrasting Harmonies,” speaks to the artful blending of the diverse styles and products we represent. It is a succinct expression of an aesthetic that is eclectic yet inspires a harmonious whole.

The Crow Knows: Corvina Blackfeather

When people first see our logo, they often ask “why the crow?” Growing up in California's Central Valley, Rebeca Barron was always fascinated by crows. Their shiny feathers against a green lawn and blue sky created an unforgettable canvas. Their intelligence and mischievousness also left a lasting impression on Barron. When it came time to create TBC's logo, the crow came immediately to mind. Apart from her fondness for crows, the vocabulary of birds was the perfect metaphor for TBC's mission to provide the tools to build “nests;”  while  “hatching” new ideas to give them “flight.”  The sometimes negative feelings that crows evoke also appealed to Barron’s resistance to what is safe, predictable and overused.

For over a decade the crow icon had been TBC's mascot and muse. Ironically, it had no name. In 2005, TBC sponsored the “It’s a Shame to Have No Name,” contest for the purpose of soliciting names for our beloved crow. The winning entry, Miss Corvina Blackfeather, came from Summer House in Port Townsend, WA.

Everything about the name was perfect:  “cor” is prefix of “Corvus” the Latin word for crow, “Blackfeather” had a Native America ring to it (crows are viewed by Native Americans as messengers to the spirit world)  the name in its entirety also had an old world and feminine quality. With a name, our crow came to life. Here’s her story:

Miss Covina Blackfeather, or simple Miss Corvina, as she prefers to be addressed, became our official spokeswoman in 1992. She hails from the distinguished Corvus clan (as her name bears reference to).

Although a North American crow by birth, her tenure at Oxford, where she studied classical archeology, left her with a whisper of an English accent. Miss Corvina prefers tea to coffee, enjoys travel (she prefers to fly), and collects all manner of old and quirky things.                                                                 

Her personal mantra is “Give. Live. Inspire.” She is fond of quoting Churchill who said, “You make a living by what you do. You make a life by what you give.” It may be said that Miss Corvina possesses an Old World sensibility and a New World attitude.

We invite you to view  this video to learn more about our feathered friends. Enjoy.

What We Believe

  • We believe everything begins in the home.
  • We believe personal self-expression is a basic human need.
  • We believe in a lasting aesthetic.
  • We believe in responsible manufacturing.
  • We believe one must give before one can receive.
  • We believe independent retailers are vital to the economic, social
    and cultural vitality of a community.


Our Story

The Barron Collection Ltd. (TBC) was founded in May 1990 by Rebeca Barron who had previously owned and operated retail stores in San Francisco, California. Trained as a social-cultural anthropologist, Barron rejected the notion that products are just “things.” She knew that the “stuff” of today are the heirlooms and keepsakes of tomorrow. A creative in her own right, she was committed to promoting self-expression through the home and a simple and lasting aesthetic.

Then the fun began. Barron assembled a collection of artisans who were focused on craftsmanship, design integrity and responsible manufacturing. TBC quickly grew and opened its showroom 1991. Today, TBC is an organization of sales professionals serving the Gift, Bath, Stationery, Garden, Spa, Gourmet and e-commerce markets. Its customer base includes the finest and most innovative retailers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming and Canada.

TBC remains true to its original mission. It proudly continues to represent artisans and emerging companies whose products promote self-expression and help create a nurturing home environment and enduring traditions. Equally important, it is an organization that enables employees and sales advisors to achieve personal transformation by following their bliss.

Crow Gallery

Love them or hate them, crows are fascinating and intelligent creatures. This is our homage to the North American crow.

Like a bird on a wire.... I have tried in my way to be free.
— Leonard Cohen