Bird on the

 This image accompanied my first blog on March 4, 2010

This image accompanied my first blog on March 4, 2010

Bird on the Wire

Almost five years ago, I started a blog. Borrowing the title "Bird on the Wire" from a Leonard Cohen song, this was my first post:

"The Barron Collection Ltd.’s posting of this inaugural blog comes almost 20 years to the date it was founded by Rebeca Barron. Those were the dark ages; no faxes, no internet, no email and cell phones the size of a WWII walkie talkie. Look at us now!

We look forward to sharing our thoughts and discoveries with you and invite you to CROWmunicate with us!"

Funny how I marveled technologies that have become common place. Today my challenge is to use technology to keep our customers informed and (hopefully) entertained through social media platforms. As with our blog, we've had a few starts and stops in the social media arena but we're back on track and ramping-up our efforts -- thanks to our youngest and newest Nester, Paige Miyazaki. She has already worked her magic with our Facebook page and is on to Instagram.

We look forward to keeping our bird on the wire for you.