The "Show" Defense

The "Show" Defense

My fear of not posting a daily blog has come true. With the exception of Sunday Reflections, I've only posted two blogs in January. I plead the "show defense."

Show prep and the show overtake our lives. It involves 10-14 hour days seven days a week for six weeks (sometimes more). The days are spent on our feet, lifting and up and down ladders. 

Everything takes a back seat to show prep and the show. The result at home is an empty refrigerator and piles of laundry.  I do make it a point to have clean counters and have no dishes in the sink but that's as far as my home-keeping goes while in show mode.

Our homes do better than our bodies. During this time we come down with conditions know as  Show Skin, Show Stomach, Show Brain, etc. I attribute any physical malady  to the long hours of work.

Through it all, we are energized when we receive wonderful new products and seeing the showroom transformed. When the show arrives, it is gratifying to see our work rewarded by our customers. It makes it all worth it and after 25 years, I still love it.

My blogging along with my home and body have been neglected but little by little, I am pulling my life back together again. I can no longer plead the "show defense" and commitment to getting back on the blog wagon.