Just Hatched: Ancient Olive Trees

Just Hatched: Ancient Olive Trees

Good things are worth waiting for. Such was the case with Ancient Olive Trees (AOT), a line of amazingly flavorful olive oil. Seven months after initially being introduced to AOT, I received a call from them asking if I was still interested in representing them. I did not have to give it a second thought. From the moment I saw the elegant white bottle with the curious graphic I was sold. I did not have to taste the olive oil to know it was outstanding. From my standpoint, any company who would invest in dynamic packaging is as dedicated to quality contents. I was right. This olive oil is like no other I’ve tasted.

AOT presses olives within hours of harvest to ensure tree-to-table flavor that's perfect for cooking or dipping.  Olives are a harmonious blend of early harvest Arbequina and Arbosana varieties and 100% California grown.

Why the curious  name and the iconoclastic helicopter graphic?  AOT is also in the business of selling ancient olive trees to customers ranging from museums to shopping centers. Trees are between 30-100 years old and pruned and irrigated to ensure a long life. Helicopters are often employed to make sure trees are safely transported to their final destination.

AOT is located in Corning, Calfornia, 150 miles north of San Francisco. 

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