Sunday Reflection: Tidying Up

Sunday Reflecting: Tidying Up

For most tidying up is more of a job than a joy. Not for Marie Kondo, author of the international bestseller, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Kondo's approach is simple: keep only what brings joy to you. 

At first glance one may think her point of view is "anti-stuff." I did not get that from reading her book. She is not so much anti-stuff as she is against the mindless collection of stuff. So often our accumulation of things without thinking thinking about the "why?" of it (who really needs 27 pens in their desk drawer?). 

Living free of clutter has benefits far beyond a tidy home. Kondo believes that once you clear your home of things that do not spark joy, the magic begins to happen. Whether it's a new job, weight loss or discovering a passion, miracles begin to happen. I believe she's right.