One of our Sales Adivsors (aka "reps"), received the following anonymous email:

"As I am looking to 4th quarter and purchasing I continue to receive your emails in reference to new and "fresh" lines. I wanted to give you some feedback and hope you pass on to those who are accountable for these lines and emails.

I purposely have used my daughters email as not to cause any friction between us. I have and always will appreciate you, your effort and spunk.

My number one complaint these new lines are not at all gift items, they have no place in my store or any higher end stores. These toothbrushes, oils and lipsticks are high end pharmacy lines at best. My customer base is 25-50 and they have money and purchase any type of skin, and or body care from  reputable companies with experience. They are not feel good, give it a try and help others type of customers. They are high tech, quick paced and want what is proven and they do not care if they are dropping 300-400 on some fantastic skin product from Neiman Marcus.

I want new and exciting lines which bring in great buyers. Being a vendor in a high end arena I must have high end gifts, crazy as it seems silver serving pieces, high end throws, not the recycled type are big again. Expensive pillows, ones we sell for 150-200 range I can not keep in. Watches are big, what is old is new again. We have always stayed true to the Northwest and this has allowed us to flourish, and thrive. I want to let you know you are failing me my customers and yourself selling lower end products. Roost although has the look of the Oregon landscape it is not fresh, it is copied and replicated everywhere. Target Tjmax etc.etc.  

I am looking for lighting, throws, pillows, high end canvas bags, kitchen items bedroom and bathroom items which emote luxury. I want silver serving pieces, high end mirrors, beautiful picture frames, I want taper candles.  Many of the items of the pre-recession that sold the day I got them in, are making a comeback. I have beautiful young women coming in looking for the Shabby Chic, it is thriving again and they want it.. I have people who will buy regardless of cost and we are missing the sale. On line sales are flourishing because we do not have these lines any longer. 

In reference to the emails, your toothbrushes oils etc are not the first, the best or the greatest. Many are me too products. If you truly have a special line do the research and launch it, but selling a lipstick I can pull up and find 5-10 similar or the same is not good. The Barron Collection is failing, and I know in my heart I am one of your better customers, help me out."

The Barron Collection Ltd.'s mission is to promote personal self-expression. To understand what people are in need of expressing, I begin by asking "what is it people need at this point in time?" Once I assess the needs, I follow-up by asking  "what is the product solution?" Only then can I search for lines and products that speak to my perceived needs.

What I believe are peoples' most pressing needs are not the type of luxury this customer is describing. Luxury today is defined by products reflecting eco-consciousness and ethical practices. This is the type of luxury I too embrace.