The Crow Knows:
Corvina Blackfeather

Why the crow?

Growing up in California's Central Valley, founder, Rebeca Barron, was always fascinated by crows. Their shiny feathers against a green lawn and blue sky created an unforgettable canvas. Their intelligence and mischievousness also left a lasting impression on Barron. When it came time to create TBC's logo, the crow came immediately to mind. Apart from her fondness for crows, the vocabulary of birds was the perfect metaphor for TBC's mission to provide the tools to build “nests;”  while“hatching” new ideas to give them “flight.”  The sometimes negative feelings that crows evoke didn't dissuade Barron who resists what is safe, predictable and overused.

For over a decade the crow icon had been TBC's mascot and muse. Ironically, it had no name. In 2005, TBC sponsored the “It’s a Shame to Have No Name,” contest for the purpose of soliciting names for their beloved crow. The winning entry, Miss Corvina Blackfeather, came from Summer House in Port Townsend, WA.

Everything about the name was perfect:  “cor” is prefix of “Corvus” the Latin word for crow, “Blackfeather” had a Native America ring to it (crows are viewed by Native Americans as messengers to the spirit world) the name in its entirety also had an old world and feminine quality. With a name, Corvina came to life. 

Crow Gallery

Love them or hate them, crows are fascinating and intelligent creatures. This is our homage to the North American crow.

Nature Documentary:
A Murder of Crows

We invite you to watch this PBS video to learn more about our feathered friends. Enjoy.

Holy Crow

Crows naturally station themselves as musical notes on electric wires according to Jarbas Agnelli who put it to music. This is how it sounds.