Contrasting Harmonies


The Barron Collection Ltd.’s tagline, “Contrasting Harmonies,” is a succinct expression of an aesthetic that is eclectic yet inspires a harmonious whole.


Not Just Stuff

Trained as a social-cultural anthropologist, The Barron Collection’s founder, Rebeca Barron rejected the notion that products are just “things.” She knew people give emotional meaning to objects and that much of today’s “stuff” will become the keepsakes and stories of tomorrow. A creative in her own right with a bias toward action, her mission was to build a company to promote self-expression.

Then the fun began. In 1990, Barron assembled a collection of artisans focused on craftsmanship, innovation, design integrity, and social and manufacturing responsibility. TBC quickly grew and opened its showroom 1991. Today, TBC is an organization of sales professionals serving the Gift, Bath, Stationery, Garden, Spa, Gourmet and e-commerce markets. Customers are among the finest and most innovative retailers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming and Canada.

TBC remains true to its original mission. It proudly continues to represent artisans and emerging companies whose products promote self-expression and help create a nurturing home environment and enduring traditions. Equally important, it is an organization that enables employees to find their place of belonging.